What the hell is this place?

Hello friend, and welcome to Enough Talk. A website devoted to the strategy and tactics of the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game.


Yea, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have some l5r connection, but why am I here?

L5r is awesome. You love it. You want to be better at it. You want to learn cool new things, and be entertained.


I guess I do, but by you? Who the hell are you?

I’m Paul Ashman, and I am joined in this endeavor by my gaming bff Jesse Grabowski.


Never heard of him, or you.

So what? We are two accomplished veteran players who are also delightful people to know. Don’t take my word for it. Check out all of our awesome content! We have game videos, strategy articles, card by card analysis. To say nothing of our delicious punch and pie.


Punch and pie?

Sorry. That was a lie. I am a liar. I was given the advice that more people will come if you tell them there will be punch and pie. You should stick around though, and check everything out. There could be punch and pie at some unspecified unknown time in the future.


There are something like 827 options for l5r discussion on the internet. You know that right?

Indeed we do! There are clan forums, and the official forums, and Facebook groups, and Myspace Pages, and Subreddits and Strange Assembly, and streaming sites, and all kinds of other things. L5R discussion has become terribly decentralized. We’ve stood in judgement and found them all wanting (except the Kolat Informant, we like that one, perhaps a gigantic corporate merger is in our future). No one was talking about what we wanted to be talking about. There is a Ghandi quote that explains the rest.


I’ve seen this before, The 6th Ring was going to be something cool and now it just people streaming stuff all the time. How do I know you will be here in 6 months?

It is a fair question. The answer is easy though, because Jesse and I have always been here. We have been playing l5r for a long time. We became friends in college through the game, and that friendship has endured over the last decade. Even while we were in different cities, states, countries, and continents. We play, even now, every week and talk about the game more often than that. Ours is a forever love.