Enough Talk! Strict Dragon Monks vs Spider Dueling

Deck Tech

There are some fiddly bits missing here, but we are working on restoring the file. This starts a few turns late, so you miss Paul playing a bunch of ring off Long Term Fruitions, some Wisdom Gaining, and people buying holdings.


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  • Interesting decks, couple of observations.

    1. Coming out of Ivory Arc there is still a lingering resilience to use attachments. The big bad Unsettling boogeyman is long gone in strict but still remains in our subconscious preventing us form considering cards at first glance. I know the transition is messing with my mind. It may be that or playstyle differences, but I notice many strict decks is attachment light.

    2. There is some very interesting interactions with Ward of Air that would make it a great addition to the dragon deck. First it’s a trait not an interrupt which means it can stop the unstoppable kill or any battle kill for that matter (except Okura is Released… see ruling). Second when triggered with Raging Fire the melee attack comes before the death so you make the melee attack and your guy lives. Thirdly the Bat Shugenja is already a great card, her Air trait makes it so Ward of Air can Bubble anyone, anywhere. Fourthly, it has a built in escape / overcommit option. Lastly, It’s trigger can still happen after a Victory Through Deference Shugenja Removal.

    3. Sneak / Naval is very powerful in strict with no real counter anymore. I think either deck could benefit from it. Between Okura is Released, Weakness Exposed, Wrath, and Rage there are a number of kill cards you might want to start with. That one OneIYari battle would have been a much different outcome had the Spider had a sneak.

    4. The spider could do with a few more attachments if anything for the protection and chi-bonus. 3 chi duelist isn’t going to cut it because most personalities are 3 chi and any +1 C weapon on their guy means you need a weapon to duel too. You only have 6 and I think you should go up to at least 9 or more and/or swap in some more 4 chi guys.

    Just some observations. =)

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