• Almost exactly what I pictured Paul. I think the deck I built had a different gold scheme and maybe 3 fate cards. Kind of answers my question about the strength of Open control, which you guys addressed in the TNO review of scorpion personalities. I’d like to see it again with a better start and better economy. I’ll stick with crab for the moment, and build the traditional scorpion dishonor for Rachel.

    • Control can be really good, even in strict, but the problem with a deck like this is that it isn’t removing threats from the board. Cards like Soul of Man are great on turn 3-4, but they are stone blanks on turn 5. You’d need to recurse Touch of Death to really get cooking with gas, but that’s hazardous with so much Victory Through Deference running around.

      I love combo/control strategies, but I wouldn’t touch it for now.

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