• You guys remind me of CarTalk on NPR.

  • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OEa8wqv4QM0

    Paul, I have to take Jesse’s side on the Buffalo Wings Vs. Chicken Nuggets debate. Nuggets are a far superior chicken product.

  • It’s not an Internet hoax, apparently Jesse really is in China! He has struggled with pronouncing spider honor (Sumusu? Susumu?) for the past month, but Shih Tien Yen Wang just flowed out of his mouth like a gurgling brook happily bouncing its way to Yangtze.

    • 谢谢Mike!
      我们知道Rokugan语和日语差不多,但是不知道是否比中文的差大不大。可能我的口音 还不好的

  • I really want to enjoy your podcasts, but there is so much pointless whining that i find myself skipping forward hoping that you’ve moved on. The last few have been especially bad. There is very little of anything being said that is interesting or insightful, just two guys complaining for an hour at a time.

    You guys can do better than this. You are both interesting and charismatic enough that this could be an excellent podcast. No one, well at least myself, wants to listen to podcasts of guys complaining about design decisions for an hour. I’m sure everyone hears enough of it from there local player base or from reading the forums.

    • Yeah, I agree the last few have been more negative, but that’s also sort of the point. I’ve been consciously trying to give design props as well a slops, and give better insight than just “pointless whining”, but I’m very sorry if I was unsucessful.

      I will say that we’re done with the subject for a while, and The next couple topics will be more about strategy and deckbuilding. I hope you find those more interesting than the “inside baseball” ones.

      Lastly, thanks for the comment. This sort of feedback is really important. We’re still quite new at all this, so we need as much guidance from you guys as you’re willing to give.

  • You guys make some good points in there…especially with how it seems that more and more rules questions are languishing in response hell for longer and longer. As a player, I am starting to get very frustrated. I feel like more and more cards are working solely via rules team fiat, and not by what the actual rules say…which is obviously problematic.

    Take for instance the Love Letter sensei. It triggers whenever your opponent discards a card of the named focus value. Now the rules team has ruled that that only refers to discards from hand (which has had the side effect of reversing older rulings like Voice of Experience and calling into question whether or not you can even play a ring from your hand), but that ruling directly contradicts the definition of “discard” in the CR. To me, there is absolutely NO excuse for ruling on fiat like that, and seeing rulings like that makes me lose a lot of faith in the ability of the rules team to effectively administer this game.

    • Design has burned themselves so many times you would figure they’d learn by now. If you have to rely on an unpaid non-AEG group of people (the rules team) to fix your game then you have a serious problem. The community wants cards that push the envelope ( I like the idea behind the love letter deck) but they don’t want all this excessive baggage that is coming with it. Sadly I fear that they are misinterpreting the complaints that people are having about the rules into a paradigm of creating only blank cards or cards with tired and true mechanics (fear, force pumps/penalties, ranged/melee attacks, send home, move back).

  • What system are you guys using to play L5R online. Thanks

    • Untap.in

      No server side issues, and it works for us. There is a new Moon and Sun l5r thing that is picking up some steam in the community now, but we’re luddites, *I* am anyway. I still cannot believe I’ve been conned into playing a video game. Anyway, there is an online l5r facebook group that organizes tournaments and helps people get started and facilitates pick up games if that is your thing.

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