• Great show guys, but gonna have to disagree with you on Daidoji Yurei. He is a great addition Crane Dueling Military. Many of the cards duelists already run have an added effect of dishonoring people without really even trying to. Even better, a deck with an added emphasis on Magistrates will already be trying to keep as many people dishonored as possible. hat gives Yurei access to a LOT of force and a very powerful battle ability.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s s “very” powerful battle action.

      The real problem is two-fold for him. First, some percentage of games, his honor req is going to blow you out on the first turn you buy guys. It might be a low number – maybe 1% of games or less – but it’s not zero. You have to convince me he is going to turn around and win you a higher number of games.

      Which brings me to my second complaint, that when you buy him, he doesn’t actually do anything. Not only does he mess with your early flips, he requires active Investment to turn into something great. And “something great” means what? A 5F guy with a fear 5? How is that better than just attaching Bo of Ritual Blessings to a 4 gold guy?

      He’s too much work for not enough return.

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